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The Vintage Look

Born in the wrong era?

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It seems all of the vintage inspired communities are mostly ads around here, so I've created a place to show off your favorite vintage clothing that you wear.

Rules are no fun, but this place is going to turn to garbage without them.
* Please no posts just to sell items. Mentioning something is for sale is fine, though.
* No promoting rating communities. Other vintage communities are generally fine.
* Pinups are welcome, just put them behind a cut and label them as such, I'm sure people check this at work ;)
* Real vintage clothes are great, but reproductions are fine too!
* If you've made something from vintage fabric or a vintage pattern, that would be FANTASTIC.
* Accessories, hair-do's, and tattoos are awesome too!
* Show us your vintage boys!

Check out thriftmutations for altered vintage/thrifted finds, and our sister community vintagehair for... you guessed it! Vintage hair-doos.

Once again, THIS IS NOT A SELLING COMMUNITY! You will be warned once, then banned. Sales journals will probably just be outright banned, so sorry. I want this community to be a place for people to show off the styles they're wearing, not to turn into one of the thousands of ad communities.