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22 June 2011 @ 11:31 am
New Vintage Style-On-A-Dime Blog!  
Hey everyone!

I'm looking to gain a few readers for my new blog, 'The Vintage Bluebird'.

Who you are: people, like me, who love vintage style, decorating, and antiques - but are starving artists/students/lovers of life, without a lot of money to spend on this passion.

Who I am: Rew! A poor art kid living in Boston, making ends meet by working all the jobs she can find, who dreams of someday owning a house full of antiques

What I do: I find all the most amazing deals on etsy/online for people like us, who love all things vintage, at prices we can afford.

What you do: Read my blog! Comment, share your finds, enjoy :)

So if you're interested, stop by and say hello!

The Vintage Bluebird